About Us Lexington VA

Driving through Lexington VA might expose to you a good deal of our work at Lexington Paving Pros. We have been local paving contractors for years, and are proud of the local work we have provided to countless clients. Our paving clients have been looking for high quality asphalt services, and our team is always happy to help provide that work. As a local paving company, we are committed to hiring only the best of the best in the industry. This gives you better paving services as well. From commercial to residential asphalt paving, we can help you maximize your property quickly and easily. Our friendly customer support also ensures that our customers keep coming back for our help. You simply won’t find a better experienced paving company in Lexington.  

Experienced Paving Company 

We pride ourselves to making sure your paving project is completed on time and to the highest possible standards. We are passionate about our clients as well and are honored to be among the top paving companies in Lexington VA. That’s why we are happy to provide a free paving estimate in Lexington VA for any client who requests one. Our top rated paving company also has some of the best reviews available.  

One way we stand out from our competitors is the excellent service we provide. Additionally, we focus on providing affordable and local paving services that our clients can trust and rely on. Our fast and free paving estimates are another reason to choose us. If you are trying to budget your paving costs, we can give you a better estimation of what to expect when you hire us. By honing in on the customer service, we are better able to provide the best paving services to our clients. You simply will not find another company who has the same level of passion for being the best as Lexington Paving Pros. 

Our Paving Services 

Our paving services are designed to live up to your highest standards. We are committed to making sure your satisfaction is always met. This starts by analyzing and controlling the ingredients that go into your parking lot and driveway’s asphalt. The goal is to ensure it is the absolute best. The paving contractors in our team provide a range of asphalt paving services including:  

-Parking Lot Paving  

-Driveway Paving 

-Asphalt Repairs  

-Asphalt Maintenance  

-Concrete Work  

-Tar and Chip Paving  

Additionally, we also provide customized paving services that give you a better result for your property. From installing your parking lot to implementing a safe water drainage system, we are happy to help.  

Why Hire Lexington Paving Pros?

If you’re dealing with potholes, cracks, and other damage to your parking lot, we can help. We specialize in a variety of services as well. We can choose the right materials for your project and ensure that your commercial or residential property looks its best always. As a locally owned and managed paving company, we are driven to giving you the absolute best services. By connecting science with skills and experience, we provide the ultimate in Lexington Paving services. Consider hiring our local paving company to enhance your property today.